Driver Licencing

As in any Canadian province, driving is a privilege, not a right. In Manitoba, the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has been mandated to oversee the Driver Licencing Program. In addition to the traditional Autopac coverage that Manitoba residents have been accustomed to for many decades, it was only in recent years that both programs were amalgamated into one. Now, Manitobans are provided with a multi-year concept with streamlined procedures which our staff are happy to review with you at any time.

As an independent broker office we are pleased to offer Manitoba residents all services authorized by MPI and our trained staff are able to assist you with most of your Driver Licence Services and can help you understand the rating system used to determine the costs. Some Driver Licence Services are still only administered at MPI Service Centre such as knowledge tests, eye examinations and road tests.

We can assist you with the following Driver Licence Services:

  • MPI Customer Setup (for new clients or returning clients)
  • Issuance of Temporary Driver licences for various reasons (i.e. Lost or stolen, change of class, new licences, change of restrictions)
  • Address changes - you must change your address within 15 days of moving to a new location
  • Renewals
  • In-term statement of account
  • Photos (as required by MPI) which use the latest technology of the Facial Recognition system for your protection
  • Knowledge and Road Test Appointment Scheduling, changes or cancellation of appointments
  • Enhanced Driver's License Appointments
  • Drivers Education Registration
  • Basic Identification Cards
  • Driver's Licence Abstract applications

We have an array of helpful brochures in our office and qualified staff to assist you in understanding MPI's Driver's Licence System.

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